A masterplan
for masterful living.

A living, breathing tribute to discerning lifestyles, emphasising open space and the preservation of nature above all else. A grand clubhouse with a view is nestled within close proximity to every resident; likewise, infrastructure and amenities are conveniently located for maximum convenience and pleasure.

Because what is life for, but for living to the fullest?

Welcome to the club.

The best things in life should be shared. As such, our mirror-like 20-acre lake is made accessible to all, to be enjoyed in its most dazzling form. The Nest, our exclusive grand lakefront clubhouse, is the heart of the community; a locale for friends and family to bond, accompanied by the pleasures of countryside living.

This is how life should be.

Bayu Lakehomes is your sanctuary, one that is defined by neighbourliness and community. There are no unnecessary impediments to seamless living here; privacy and protection are invisibly maintained through one of the most sophisticated security systems in the country. Come for the immersive countryside experience; stay for the boundless freedom and peace of mind.

Live free.

Take a lakeside stroll. Have a pre-dawn run or a mid-morning picnic brunch.

Laze away the hours under your favourite tree, sweat it out on the hiking trail, there is more to live. At Bayu Lakehomes, you have everything you need to do anything you want – even if it’s nothing at all. This is life as it was meant to be.

Project highlights.

Breathtaking panoramas.


Absolute security for absolute freedom.